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Driving Lessons in Aberystwyth

Why choose Top Marks Drivin Skool?

Whether you are a complete beginner, have existing driving experience, or just require some refresher driving lessons or motorway driving lessons, Top Marks Drivin Skool can cater for your needs . Our aim is to make learning to drive as enjoyable and memorable as possible, so that you look forward to each lesson as opposed to seeing learning to drive as a daunting experience - we will work at a pace to suit you and pride ourselves on our friendly, courteous, polite, punctual and professional attitiude towards teaching driving lessons.

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Block Booking

Purchase a block of 10, 20 and
30 hours of driving lessons
and save money

Hourly Lessons

Lessons of 60 minutes are
available and can be taken at
times to suit you

For a block of ten lessons, payment will be at the start of the first lesson, or earlier.
For a single lesson, payment will be at the start of each lesson.
For use of the car for a test, you will be charged the one hour rate before your test.

Driving Lessons Aberystwyth

Congratulations to everyone who has passed your Driving Test with Top Marks.


Holly Conway
Well done Holly. Congrats to Miss Holly Conway on a great little spin to pass your Driving Test on the first attempt today. Nice one. Hope to see you on the road soon.
Keep safe,
Cheers. Mark


Rhoss Connors
Congrats to my nephew Rhoss Connors on a great spin to pass your Driving Test today at the first attempt. Well done kiddo, that's an Indian takeaway you owe me (at least)
Look forward to seeing you on the road soon.
Keep safe.
Uncle Mark.


Sarah Keevan
Super test Sarah
Congratulations to Miss Sarah Keevan for a cracking drive to pass your test at the first attempt, nice one
Look forward to seeing you on the road soon, keep safe. 
Cheers. Mark